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Federal Jury Duty, Day 1

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This is a busy week of jury duty for me. Today I had my first-ever federal court jury duty, so I was down at the federal court house at 6th and Market in Philadelphia bright and early at 8:30 AM. Around 11:30 I was one of 65 jurors selected for a panel for a criminal case. Voir dire lasted the rest of the day, and I came very close to getting picked. They gave all the jurors numbers, and I was number 44. They picked 12 jurors and 3 alternates, and the last person they chose was the gentleman sitting next to me, Mr. 43.

It’s 2 days or 1 trial, and clearly I’m going to have to step up my game tomorrow. But even if the feds don’t want me, that’s not the end for me. On Wednesday I get to report to Media for Delaware County jury duty! (If I do end up on a jury in federal court, I can get a postponement for Delaware County.)